Arctic15 18.10.2012

Wakeupp call at 4:20 am. Shaving, breakfast and cycling to university front yard. Bus started its way to Helsinki Confrece center at 5:30.

Our party arrived to Arctic15 startup-confrence with high expectations. Afterall there were coming guys like Phil Libin to share their ideas about entrepreneurship.

Antti Vilpponen opening Arctic15 startup confrence.

Morningwas started by Marko Ahtisaari who has his background in startups like Dopplr and Blyk. Ahtisaari shared his ideas how big companies, like Nokia where he works at the moment, can adopt working methods from startups. Ahtisaari shared the methods that are used in their division. And ofcourse he praised the work of their own, Lumia.

Startup competition

All day long there were speakers on two stages so people had opportunity to select most interesting ones. Beside speakers dozens of startus had their own demo booths inside the venue area. Some of the startups had take part to the startup competion and had their moment to pitch their business ideas on the big stage.

Catchbox, the throwable microphone, pitching in startup competition.

Competition grand prize travelled to Copenhagen and The Eye Tribe!. Eye Tribe technology makes it possible to control mobile devices with your eyes only. Winning idea was given a prize of 36’000€, so guys can continue developing their great product.

In afternoon there were great panel discussion about investing in startups. Venture capitalists shared their methods to value startups. Discussion showed well that VC to VC differs a lot when it comes to valuing startups. And You must remember that no is never definitive, You have always chance to improve your business palne and come back stronger.

Long waited Phil Libin

CEO of Evernote and formerly founder of two other startups. He started with note that Evernote is planned to be a hundred year startup. It’s not planned to be sold at any time and it’s not suppoused to lose it’s ability to be agile.

Phil Libin having his moment on stage. Photo: ArcticStartup

Libins speech was worth all the waiting, too bad that all the speeches didn’t reach the same level.

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