Entrepreneurship Thursday: Ready-Set-Pitch game evening

ET-Sauna: Ready-Set-Pitch Game Evening

On April 12th, the traditional YT-sauna (YrittäjyysTorstai) was exceptionally held in English, thus called the ET-sauna (Entrepreneurship Thursday). The theme for the evening was an entrepreneurial-themed game called Ready-Set-Pitch, which was invented by our LUTES team.
We had a pretty good turnout of about 20 people, mostly international exchange students with a few Finns sprinkled in. LUTES’s English-speaking representative, Clarisse Jay started the evening by welcoming everybody and briefly introducing LUTES, and then proceeded to explain the rules of the game.

The Ready-Set Pitch game’s idea is to practice pitching. One is given a card, which entails the details of a business idea, an innovation, or service, which is then pitched to the rest of the players in the game. In each round, two people pitch an idea, then at the end of the round the rest of the players in the game vote for the business idea they would rather, as investors, invest in. During the pitching another player may also decide to challenge a pitch. This means they believe they could do a better job of pitching the same business idea as the other team. We had 2 tables playing, with about 10-12 people in each group. All this was the making of a successful and fun gaming evening.

After the games had been played to the end, people proceeded to the saunas to enjoy a couple of cold and frothy beers and good company. All in all, the evening was a success; LUTES’ Ready-Set-Pitch had its second debut with enterprising and eager players. Thanks to the evening, we are now able to iron out the wrinkles having spotted a few problems in the game. LUTES would like to thank, once again, all participants for a fun gaming session, and hopes everyone enjoyed themselves.

-Clarisse Jay