Fairy tail of LUTES 2015

On a snowy day in the beginning of December 2014, approximately 60 people were gathered to Technopolis Vyborg –cabinet, located in Skinnarila. When looking around, it was possible to see the tables catered with various selection of snacks, a Christmas tree decorated in the corner and smell the aroma coming from warm “glögi”, not to mention the excitement on everyone’s face.

What was behind all of this excitement and delicacies then? You got it right – the annual meeting of LUTES in where the new board was selected!

What sort of people are in the new board then? First, before digging deeper into that topic, must be mentioned that LUTES faced a positive problem: there were so many good applications that deciding the board members appeared to be extremely hard.  After hard decisions, the result was an awesome team consisting of board and vice board members, numerous of new team members in addition to the old ones, as well as our advisor.

Board members

Board members

So, to introduce the new board and vice board briefly:

The new president of LUTES that was selected for year 2015 is Joni Saarela. This is his first time in LUTES board and has been actively participating in organizing and hosting LUTES events during last academic year. Also a passionate 4th year student of marketing at LUT.

Elina Innanen – Also an active team member of LUTES from previous academic year, who has actively participated the meetings and therefore contributed to what LUTES has become so far. In addition, Elina spices up Skinnarila spirit with a taste of Turku, in where she has studied her bachelor’s degree before starting her master’s here at LUT.

Antti Eskelinen – The hardcore board member; only board member who has been in LUTES board before, in 2014. Experienced as a community manager in the previous board, Antti brings in the analytical point of view and takes care of his responsibilities thoroughly. In addition to these, Antti is also known as a passionate musician.

Artturi Juva – Relatively new to LUTES –activities, but has a strong knowledge from being a board member from his previous experience as the vice president of Enklaavi. Artturi is also studying his 4th year at LUT, of which the first year in master’s studies.

Fabian Moreno – Also one of our active team members, as well as our international support to make sure the meeting will be held in English also in the future. Originally from Spain, “Fabo” has showed his passion towards entrepreneurship and has already given his effort for some of the Lappeenranta –based start-ups.

Juuso Nousiainen – A 1st year student from Saimaa UAS. Straight from the beginning of his studies, Juuso has shown huge interest towards LUTES and helped to organize the events in practice. Juuso is also our connection to Saimaa UAS.

Vice Board

Vice Board

The roles of new board members will be decided in a meeting later on. Every board member has got a vice board member to replace him/her in the meetings and to introduce the vice members shortly:

Anssi Vanjoki – An angel investor, ex-Nokia manager and professor of practice at LUT. Anssi has gained a lot of experience from being a member of different boards and his work as a professor at LUT helps to strengthen the cooperation between LUT and LUTES.

Henri Karppinen – Has been a younger researcher before at the department of industrial management at LUT and nowadays is the Head of Research at Saimaa UAS. His long knowledge of LUT and Saimaa UAS will bring LUTES to closer cooperation with both universities.

Jennika Tukiainen – Being a 2nd year business student of LUT, Jennika has been actively part of LUTES activities from the day she has started her studies in Lappeenranta. She has experience of being a LUTES vice board member and therefore has been participating LUTES meetings, as well as helped organizing the events.

Caro Pohjola – New to LUTES activities as well, but Caro has already impressed with his positive towards anything, as well as his set of skills with image editing software. In addition, Caro is studying his 1st year of industrial marketing and international business at LUT.

Juuso Aalto – A freshman of LUT School of Business. From the beginning, Juuso has shown his interest towards entrepreneurship and LUTES activities and has already been helping to arrange LUTES events.

Teemu Karuluoto – Has been participating LUTES events actively from the very beginning of starting his studies at LUT this year. Wishes to develop more interactive LUTES events during his participation of LUTES vice board in 2015.

In addition to these we have an awesome bunch of new and old team members and even though LUTES has got big plans for the coming year, with this awesome team we will surely make it!