The first Minibootcamp experience!

 On Tuesday (11th of Feb) we had our first Minibootcamp, which was a successful beginning of the new event series!

The Minibootcamp started off with a short networking session and continued by brainstorming of the case task. The founder of Toukkashop, Jasmiina, prepared a challenging exercise for the participants. After the case introduction, the Minibootcamp participants had time for questions and later on were divided to groups to generate the ideas for company sales growth. Toukkashop is a cloth diaper Internet store combined with informative pages. The idea for this type of business came to Jasmiina’s mind, when she delivered a baby and decided to purchase the cloth diapers online. She did not like the user experience and thought that the product variety existing at the market was extremely limited. And she saw a business opportunity! Today her business is progressing well. She cooperates only with reliable suppliers compiling with all the regulations and standards, because high-quality is something she believes in.

The groups were able to generate a lot of great suggestions and recommendations for Jasmiina and her business. She was really happy to hear various proposals and improvement suggestions and was very satisfied with the general outcome of the event. After the visit to Lutes her husband shared some really great news in Twitter: @mikael_kivi@MarkusLkknn @LUT_ES “LUTES may have some magical influence as wife’s company just got its biggest order right after leaving Lutes office. Awesome!”

We wish Jasmiina good luck with her company and business growth!

Minibootcamp in progress!!!

Minibootcamp in progress!

But the case task was not the end of the Minibootcamp experience! The event was finalized by the brainstorming of the own ideas of the participants in groups with further common discussion. And those, who did not have a clear idea in mind, were really eager to listen and provide some comments and thoughts!


If you want to be a part of Minibootcamp experience, join us for the next event, which is going to take place on the 11th of March at our office!


Brought to you by Sonja Wickström and Veronika Kiseleva