Kotka Pitch Competition

Hey guys! A lot has happened since the last time.

Our brave teams participated in a pitching competition organized by our good friends from Kyamk Entrepreneurship society PatteriES. First weeks of July were all about preparing the teams for the semi-finals of this pitching competition held in beautiful city of Kotka on July 13th 2015. The teams refined and rehearsed their presentations over and over again. Well, ready or not, the time had come.

So we headed to Kotka early on Monday morning. The stage took place in Maritime Centre Vellamo, famous building that holds information center, exhibition areas and maritime museum. All of our teams were very excited because for most of them, this was the first public presentation of their own idea.


Annett Gröschner from Intoberry holding a presentation in semifinals

All of the 20 teams from summer programs of  BoostTurku, AaltoES, PatteriES and LUTES, presented their business ideas individually to the jury and the audience. We were so proud of our teams, everyone made it through without passing out! Ten teams made it to the finals: three from Turku, two from Aalto, four from Patteri and one from LUTES SLP. So, Brilliard was our “only hope” for the finals.

After two weeks we returned to the “battlefield” with Brilliard guys and some “cheerleaders” from the other teams. We spent the whole day in Kotka, getting to know each other and the mentors, who gave some tips in the workshops before noon. We also had a nice little cruise around Kotka’s archipelago while having lunch with the greatest company you can imagine, and the food of course was über good!


In the opening ceremony of finals, atmosphere was tangible

The competition final took place in the marketplace of Kotka city center. Opening ceremony speech was held by the U.S. Ambassador of Finland, Bruce Oreck. This was his last public appearance as ambassador, since his term was ending in two days and new ambassador came to take his place. Even the rain couldn’t cut the atmosphere! The presentations were all in all even better than the last time and everyone had really made the effort to give their best on the stage. Every team had, expressed in poker terms, “all-in”. And why not, as the main prize for winning the competition was 5000 euros!


Finals were hosted by two especially handsome individuals

The evening culminated to a cocktail party in maritime center Vellamo, where the winner was announced. Of course there can be only one winner, but for sure this whole experience was big deal for all 20 startups. Winner of the competition was Identio, with their idea of an app that helps people with dyslexia. Only finalist from LUTES SLP, Brilliard, got the second place, which was a good achievement even though there might have been some disappointed.


Brilliard was very “happy” with their second place in finals

This experience was awesome, that we all will surely remember the rest of our lives.

We expect to see our teams attending the next big pitching competition, Willi Idea, in November.