LUTES – a society for the whole campus

First period is coming to an end and has actually already ended in Saimia. The autumn has come quickly and
we have had some nice big events. On Sunday Willi Idea -apply period ended and on the weekend LUTES
Hackathon 2 took place in LUT.

In hackathon you’re supposed to come up with a solution to a predetermined
problem within one weekend with your team. If the team consist of people from different study fields the team
looks at the problem from different points of view and is therefore more likely to come up with a unique
solution. The winner of Hackathon is called Comeco and they plan to make roof tiles using eco-friendly
composite materials.


LUTES Hackathon final event on Monday

Here at LUTES we always stress that we are for both LUT and Saimia students, even though the name might suggest something else. So contrary to what some might think we are not only for business students. In fact the most successfull startups usually consist of people with different backgrounds and education. Last fall I decided to apply into LUTES as a first year marketing student. Being the only Saimia student in LUTES board has been a great experience; I have learned more than on lectures and made good connections.

Soon you will also be able to apply for LUTES board no matter which school or study field. We will let you know when the search is on. Hope to see all of you in our future events!

– Juuso