LUTES brought its Mini Bootcamp format to lecture teaching!

Idea development in progress!

Idea development in progress!

Monday, 23rd of March had a kicking start for the students participating in the c course “Entrepreneurial Dimensions”, when LUTES held one of its Mini Bootcamps during the lecture.

We started the lecture by doing individual brainstorming about the issues that the students experience and people around them are complaining about, which they face in their daily context. We were able to gather a list of simple, but crucial grievances, like inaccurate train timetables or the lack of bicycle storages that can be locked up. After gathering the ideas, we asked the students to form groups and pick up one of the risen issues to be solved by developing a business idea to make improvement.

It's time to pitch!

It’s time to pitch!

The atmosphere was so intensive, that it could have been almost touched, when people were developing their business ideas. Despite the intensity, it was relaxed and free at the same time and laughter of rather funny solutions could be heard around. We had a few breaks, which offered the participants to pitch their business idea to the others in order to get feedback and improve the idea further on.  We offered some additional boost to the development by using assisting questions such as “who would be your potential customers?” or “why your product would be better than the ones already existing in the markets?” In the end of the Mini Bootcamp all the groups had a possibility to pitch their ideas for the rest of the class.

The list of cool ideas!

The list of cool ideas

It was so amazing to realize, how starting to develop a business idea from a scratch – not to mention the ability to make it during 2-hour lecture – could become such brilliant and sense making business ideas! It is often said that good business ideas are hard to find because they are so close to us, that they are hard to recognize.
Brought to you by Jennika Tukiainen, Joni Saarela and Veronika Kiseleva