My way in LUTES


LUTES is an entrepreneurship society that operates in LUT campus. We have few different kinds of events, about every second week. The main idea is to increase the awareness of entrepreneurship and of course, when needed, help the new companies with their strategy or finance etc.



My first contact with LUTES was when I attended to Entrepreneurship Evening (sauna) three years ago. I have always been interested to have my own company and I guess that’s because my father, mother, stepfather and brother all have their own companies. I have also had my own company and I hope I will have many more 🙂



After I had been in some events I became an “active LUTES member”, so I attended to some cool events around Finland, not hosted by LUTES. I also started to improve LUTES strategy with it’s board.




For example last winter I attended To SLUSH with LUTES board and there were some pretty magnificent speakers. I listed some of those below.

-Antti Vilpponen, CEO at ArcticStartup

-Marko Ahtisaari, Executive Vice President of Design, Nokia

-Marc Dillon,  Co-Founder & CEO, Jolla

-Peter Vestbacka, CMO, Rovio Entertainment

-Ville Miettinen, CEO, Microtask

and many more..



From the beginning of this year I have been in LUTES board as a Treasurer. But that is the smallest part of what I have to do with LUTES. For example I also

-sit in the meetings planning our actions/events

-I contact different people who we want to meet or see in our events

-we plan the budget for events/semester/this year/next year…

-go to different events around Finland

-we create the names, timetables, marketing and the actual actions for the events

and so many other things!


Last spring we had our biggest event so far TakeOff2013.  It was a great success! You can find the Facebook-event here: 



I’m really excited about this autumn and what LUTES has to offer!!! One of my biggest project is to organize upcoming game industry event PRESS START at 29th of October! 🙂 Can’t wait!!


With love,