Recap of the Entrepreneurship Evening with Tina Aspiala

Last week we had a great opportunity to have Tina Aspiala for our Entrepreneurship Evening. Tina is known for being a founder of, the online restaurant search platform for cities around Finland.

Tina Aspiala at our EE

Tina Aspiala at our EE

Today Tina is not any longer connected with, which became a part of MTV3; and as a true entrepreneur-minded person she is looking for new challenges. The presentation of Tina was full of energy, motivation and inspiration. The presentation reflected her learning experience, which she gained from designing the platform and other projects of her life. During her speech she highlighted that everything you learn in life is useful and that is the reason why she has a lot of diverse backgrounds too. As an entrepreneur with quite a few years of experience, she believes that you can learn more from doing and failing rather than not doing anything at all fearing the obstacles.

When it comes to idea generation, Tina mentioned that it is important to start sharing the idea from its very birth moment. She said that sharing an idea would bring a lot of aspects to think of, which come to your mind during this sharing/talking. On the other hand, it is important to not get stuck with a certain idea.

Do it and you’ve got a business. – Tina Aspiala

Tina also mentioned that taking care of details is essential from the beginning, otherwise you will eventually have to redesign things later. It is always useful to ask yourself, whether a certain feature serves a certain purpose. At the same time, when it comes to purpose, it could be good to think, whether the idea is necessary in general. Focus on quality and real need matter a lot.

Tina underlined that community management is something that should not be neglected, when you talk about platforms like It is crucial to udnderstand who you serve, who you don’t serve, what examples to set and what rules to establish. According to Tina communities are grown, not built and there are needs to be solved, not the demands.

Be optimistically realistic, be brave and don’t kid yourself, see things for what they are and adopt accordingly.- Tina Aspiala

Our evening was finalized with the pitch by Anna Lekanova, who has a great business idea with her sister and want to develop it further in Finland.

Anna pitching!

Anna pitching!


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