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Our board changes once a year (selected in December, turn starts in January) and it is a great opportunity for us to recruit new enthusiasts and talents and for you to develop yourself in a variety of different fields, while serving a great mission of  Finnish startup ecosystem development on a regional and country level.

The next application period ends on 23.11.14. All the applicants will be interviewed by the current board of LUTES and the positions will be allocated accordingly. During the application process (in the application form) you may apply for as many positions as you want, however you will be assigned with only one in the end. The next board will be officially selected and presented during the official Fall meeting of LUTES on 2.12.

Some of the things, which you should keep in mind:

– LUTES board and team members should be willing to allocate 2-10 hours per week for contribution (depends on the responsibility distribution and your position; the amount of hours is not binding however).

– Everything we do is done by great teamwork, therefore we value team spirit a lot.

– The board positions are for one year and they are considered to be the ones with higher responsibility level, which also results in higher personal development and benefits of strategic level cooperation with different entities and parties.

– The team member positions are more flexible.

Board and team members of LUTES receive valuable working experience. You will also get the possibility to expand your network and meet various entrepreneurs and business professionals. We appreciate people with vision, on how we can help in the creation of new startups and maintenance of startup ecosystem.


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