Summer Launch Pad continues


As the weather in July has been as if it already would be October, the teams of Summer Launchpad have not had temptation of going out and the ideas keep developing further rapidly! During following weeks, we have had a lot of activities and exciting moments in SLP!

As the ideas developed, the teams also had to face the truth sometimes and some of the feedback from coaches seemed to be devastating for team members. Truth can be totally different from point of view of an experienced entrepreneur, than what seems to be the best solution in your own mind when developing the business idea. Therefore, it is always extremely important to go out from the office from time to time and ask others’ opinions about the business idea as well. As we all know, the same applies for getting customers too!


Teams are listening to words of wisdom from Anssi Vanjoki before coaching sessions had started.

Fortunately, the teams were able to take in the criticism after digesting it for few days and not all the coaches were too strict, but in fact gave a lot of good ideas, suggestions and contacts for the teams to use. The expertise of our coaches varied from developing large-scale business to Intellectual Property Rights –knowledge and the teams prepared questions for the coaches beforehand.

On week 29, Summer Launchpad needed to get rid of its old boundaries and we changed our offices temporarily to Technopolis’ StartupMill co-working space. In there we continued developing the business ideas further, this time in “real business environment”, with all the start-ups surrounding us that have an office at StartupMill. During our stay at refreshing, new working environment, we dragged the teams for one day to consider other issues than their own business ideas. How to drag people out of considering their own business ideas of what they have been working on for almost last two months then? The recipe is easy: Pick up an interesting topic….for example the water tower of Lappeenranta. As an ingredient, add a local politician Erkki Räsänen to host the event. Then put teams to consider new purposes for the use of the water tower for one say and that is about it. No salt or pepper needed!


During the week we stayed at StartupMill, we went for pitching competition semifinals held by PatteriES in Kotka. About that, you can find out more from our previous blog post! Yet, as a reward for everyone giving their best in the competition, as well as fainting on the stage accounting altogether zero, we held a party for the team members at Astia –studio. In this very same studio, many of the famous Finnish heavy metal bands have recorded their albums, including Children of Bodom. During this magnificent evening, we were able to forget everything related to entrepreneurship, big thanks to few drinks we consumed during the evening! During this fascinating evening, it was possible to release some pressures in BB gun –shooting competition. The evening was unremarkable: we had English solo artist Ben Fisher playing a private gig for us. In addition, it was possible to witness the other camp manager to lose in a Sing Star –competition between Romania and Finland, in where only Finnish songs were available, not to mention numerous of pinball games, in where LUTES treasurer is showing a good example in the picture on the right hand side. After a long and fun evening, the most tired party animals stayed overnight at the studio to gather themselves together. This time we were not that entrepreneurial and we had the next day off to make sure everyone could take their own time in recovering.