Takeoff aims at gathering people who are interested into start-up culture and entrepreneurialism to hear and learn about it straight from the professionals. You will have a chance to attend to workshops lead by professionals and solve real life cases and meet investors, start-up people, gain worth-while connections and meet amazing people!

We are we?

Lutes is a student-driven entrepreneurship society based in Lappeenranta. We are here to help you learn about startup culture and bring your idea to business. We are on a mission to drive student entrepreneurship on a regional level. Together with other entrepreneurship societies and country level startup initiatives we aim at building a strong startup eco-system in Finland.

Lutes Family

Not interested in the board or executive positions? Don’t have enough time to commit for a position of responsibility? Not going to be in Lappeenranta for the whole semester? Don’t worry! You can still be part of the team, in the Lutes Family! Indicate your interest with a message to any of our team members, and the Event Managers will be in contact with you when they need help organizing the events! Or otherwise join in to our family from here.

Our Team

Vilma Saari | President
vilma [at] lutes.fi
+358 40 743 5723

Aapo Alenius | Partnership Manager
aapo [at] lutes.fi

Atte Sallinen | Treasurer
atte [at] lutes.fi

Joona Saaresto | Marketing Manager 
saaresto [at] lutes.fi

Pyry Peura | Project Manager
pyry [at] lutes.fi

Satu Kosunen | Community Manager | Vice President
satu [at] lutes.fi

Emilia Teittinen | PR-Manager
[at] lutes.fi

Joona Hietala | Event Manager 
joona [at] lutes.fi

Markus Raito | Event Manager
markus [at] lutes.fi

Erkka Paavilainen | Event Manager
 [at] lutes.fi

Contact Us!

No more filling of form boxes and signing up for newsletters, who reads them anyway? Speak directly to one of our team members, enjoy cup of coffee at our office in Lappeenranta University of Techonology ground floor or send a message on Facebook or Email.