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LUTES is a student-driven entrepreneurship society based in Lappeenranta. We are here to help you learn about startup culture and bring your idea to business. We are on a mission to drive student entrepreneurship on a regional level. Together with other entrepreneurship societies and country level startup initiatives we aim at building a strong startup eco-system in Finland.


Want to know more about it? We organize a lot of exciting events to help you learn about startup culture, entrepreneurship and creativity. All of them are free and open for everyone.


Feel like meeting new people, friends and soul mates? Our community has a lot of awesome people: you can meet them at our events, workshops and office space.


Got a business idea to develop? We will help you with that by providing professional advice, intensive coaching through our startup programme and valuable contacts.

"The one thing that matters is the effort."




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Latest posts

LUTES Business Challenge 18.3.2016-20.3.2016

business challengeWelcome to LUTES Business Challenge! You have a great opportunity to solve an interesting business case with your team and win a prize!!! Fun and challenges, sauna and beer, networking and inspiration – you can experience all this on LUTES Business Challenge!

1) Grab your friends and gather a team of max. 4 people.
2) Register via this link BEFORE 16 MARCH: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lutes-business-challenge-tickets-22504289937
3) Come on Friday 18 March. Further instructions are given there. The business case is a secret yet 🙂

The best team wins a prize costing up to 200€! (50€ per team member)

Where? LUTES office at KORA (near the main entrance of LUT)

New year, new team


Annual meeting full of curious people eagerly waiting to get to know the new board


December, the month commonly known as the time when Santa Claus comes to visit your house. It is not only Santa Claus with beard that December is known of, but also because of LUTES chairman for year 2016, Caro Pohjola. The new board members were selected in the beginning of this month and the new board, the vice board as well as the team members selected were pure diamond! Now first challenge for the new board to keep up the good work and take LUTES even further! As the most important criteria for angel investment is said to be team, so it is for LUTES as well. Therefore, I have strong belief that next year will be awesome!

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What makes a business idea successful?


”Would you like to win 10.000 € with your business idea?” This is a sentence I have repeated hundreds of times in the last weeks. That’s right, it was the application period for annual business idea contest, Willi Idea. This year the prices surpass the previous years: The winner will get 10.000 € and between applications from students, one MacBook will be given randomly. We tripled the applications from last year, and maybe not the least because of great prices. But this got me thinking: does it really take tempting prices for us to find the courage of revealing our business ideas?

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Our Team

Caro Pohjola

Caro Pohjola


MSc student of industrial engineering, enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and startup culture.
+358 45 131 3543

Juho Heikonen

Juho Heikonen

Vice chairman

Juho is a second-year business student, whose enthusiasm is to spread entrepreneureship-mindset in all levels from individuals to stronger phenomenon in our society. This calm person may not be the loudest, but always sociable and easy to approach.
+358 45 638 8436

Pietari Keskinen

Pietari Keskinen


Pietari is second year financial management student in LUT. 2016 is his first year in Lutes activities but he has strong knowledge from various board responsibilities in family company and NESU-Enklaavi. Pietari has entrepreneurial mindset and fresh way to think out of the box.

Alexandra Karaseva

Alexandra Karaseva

Marketing manager

An International Business student from Saimaa UAS. Since 2013 Alexandra has been an active participant in LUTES events. Mover and shaker!

Svante Kärkkäinen

Svante Kärkkäinen

Communication manager

Svante is a business student and the senior member of the team. When not remembering "the good old days" too much, his interest is in creating good days to come. A true wannabe F1-driver without a driver's licence.

Veeti Huotari

Veeti Huotari

Project manager

A guy in his early twenties who is constantly excited about everything. Bachelor student in Industrial engineering and management.

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